How to assign row item to an transactiotn item in refreame work

Hi ,

Trying to read data from Excel and printing its values in Reframework.
But facing
Object refrence not set to an object.

Want to try to assign DataRow to an Transaction Item.
Can Anyone help me please.
Thank u.

Hi @saritha

Below answer maybe helpful for you.

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Hi @saritha

I wonder why you need to assign DataRow to TransactionItem(Do you mean QueueItem)?
Either Add Transaction Item or Add Queue Item are using Collection option to store information.
Can you be more specific about that?

Im using only excel . Not adding data to queues.
simply read excel and get data from excel

Thank you.

Hi @saritha

Refer to below adjusted REFramework. (514.5 KB)

Thank u so much.
will look at it.