Range Does not exist Error pop up

I am facing strange error while running my script I am getting error at write range as
"Write Range: The range does not exist."

This error coming from last 2 days , before that the script was working fine.
I have updated all activities. The Write range is working fine in the script for some instances in project but when i am writing the data at one part of project after For Each operations I am getting this error.

Please help me as soon as possible…
Thanks in advance.!

Regards ,
Prathamesh Patil,

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Hi @ImPratham45,
Please check some solutions related to similar problem:

Whether you are using Excel Application Scope???..

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Can you try to kill the process of excel before writing again in the excel. @ImPratham45

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In the Write Range activity you specified A1. Means it tries to input whole data table in A1 cell only

Keep the range as blank and try it… It will work

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Yes I have used it in Excel Application Scope…
This write range is not working in one part of script
I have used this write range in earlier stage also where it is working fine.

I want know why this error is coming…
Previously it was working fine.
Now i have took new scope for write it down still facing the same error…