Error: The range does not exist


I am working on an existing data table, I need to change some value of this data table and then write it to a excel sheet.

However, after I use for each to change the value, when I write range, it always said error: the range does not exist.

This is my code, inside of Excel Application Scope

this is the error message


Also, I have tried to comment out he for each part, then it can write correctly. but with this part, it will show error message.


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Can you print the data on a different sheet and see if you are still getting the error

Hi I have tried that, still got the error.

Use write range outside of Excel scope and use write range workbook activity and try to print in a completely new sheet


it works, thanks a lot!

I just confused, how could excel application scope not work then the workbook one can work, so weird.

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