How to check whether Radio button is selected or not


I need to check whether Radio button is selected or not. If Yes, then ignore and if not selected, click the button. Please help.

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Hi @Srinu755,

Please check the link below:

Sasikumar K

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Hi @Srinu755
Use Get attribute activity and try check activity

Ashwin S

not able to understand How to use Get Attribute and Check activity. Please guide on it.
image. As per the attached screenshot, the Y is already selected so it has to ignore on clicking and if Y is not selected it has to click on it.

Hope it will help…

Yes understood. The output of Get attribute need to be checked. If Y is already enabled then no action, if not click on Y. can I use If with Output variable directly or something else need to do.

Hello, the output variable can be a boolean, either it will return a true or false. from there you can use if activity
If booleanval= true then action …etc…


Hi @Srinu755

Based on Get Attribute the result variable will return boolean type

so based on that you can use click activity or check

Ashwin S

We got a direct activity for this to be handled
CHECK activity

that would work for sure
Cheers @Srinu755

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