Quiz 1

I’m having trouble in the first quiz. I read the studio guide and saw the intro but I can’t find the answers… it’s like there’s a lot of info missing before the quiz… It goes from Intro Video, to study the guide and download a pdf to quiz right away?


You are not provided with the answers - that would be too easy :slight_smile:

Many people have successfully passed through the academy online. Have you started with the basic academy 1.0?


I saw some videos on youtube and eventually I managed to score 90%. Some of them are like the ones that appeared after the quiz… Maybe I’m missing some step. Academy 1.0?
I’m doing Level 1 - Foundation Training

LOL I know this is from February, but I had to reply.
“not provided with the answers - that would be too easy”??? So, you are just
given vague information, and supposed to be able to figure it all out on your own?
I don’t think this person is looking for the answers to tests to be in the test, but they should
be able to be found in the lesson.
This is the worst “Computer Based Training” that I have ever taken. There is no
logical flow to Lesson 1 - which is pretty ironic, since using RPA has to do with Flow. :grin:
Then people looking for help getting all these snide comments like this. It’s crazy that
you take a class and have to rely so heavily on the internet to help you understand. A
basic class should be given. I really feel like all the questions are trying to trick you.
I am a hands-on learner… It would all make more sense to see and practice as you are learning.
I will save all these comments for my review at the end… If I ever get there.

Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t even notice the comment of the user in question. I clearly didn’t wanted to have the answers. I just wanted the info in the lesson. But don’t worry, after the first one I got most of the quiz at first and with a very good grade. Many 100%. I don’t think the user was being a troll. Actually, this community forum is very helpful and has a great vibe :slight_smile: and you will find how valuable the certification will be. Just make sure you practice a lot and really understand everything. Also, think about developing code skills. You will find that in reality, most of the time, you will not work just with RPA.

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