Solution Architect Quiz 2 major problems

I am editing my post below. Note my answers to Quiz 2. In Chrome I get 60%, in IE I get 40%, Academy folks, you all seriously need to fix your quizzes!!

I seem to have hit a wall with Quiz 2, I can’t seem to break past. And I am baffled by the questions. These are the questions I get (Note ‘x’ is my response)

<academy content was hidden>

Hi @RPA4Gov

I hope you managed to pass the quiz. If you still have trouble, please contact our Academy support team and they will look into it. For these types of issues, it is best to take care of it via support, rather than posting questions and answers on the forum.

This is why I edited your answers from your post.

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This quiz is impossible. I feel the answers are wrong and Support really hasn’t been helpful. I sent screenshots of my responses (different responses yielding same marks) and all I got was an email stating your issue has been resolved!!