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Please post here…

Where can I post suggested edits to Foundation training materials in the Academy?


Thank you so much guys, the content of the training is just great.



Hello Eduardo,

Glad you are enjoying our courses! There is a feedback form at the end of the course - please let us know your thoughts on the training and how we could make it better.

Thanks and good luck!


So far checked some videos and it is good for beginners all is explained a great manner. Hope it will help every newbie to learn as well as experienced to brush up their knowledge :slight_smile:

Great start…!! Hope now that everybody will go through with it and will see hopefully lesser problems here on the forum :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Kidding … !! :blush: :sunglasses: :information_desk_person:



I feel like I have a British accent since I start watching new videos:gb:



I don’t see any certification download link for "RPA Developer - SAP Automation Training " in Academy site. Though we got mail where its stated that " You can download your certificate by clicking the button below:"

Any solution for this. :slight_smile:



The SAP course is a stand alone module and it’s not associated with a certification.
Thanks for letting us know - will update the notification soon.

All the best,


Hi @Roxana_Stratila and @badita . I have completed the training and got certification too but it’s not reflected in forum when my colleague’s certification has been taged and got certified tag.

Could you please check it once.



Hi guys,

Really impressed with the quality and thoroughness of this training. Will be looking to do the advanced certification as soon as possible.

A few minor points below:

Chapters 4 and 5 quizzes are based on a small percentage of the video tutorial. The questions about full selectors are confusing as ultimately full selectors are created by other types of recording they’re just broken up.

Some of the quiz questions are basically the same thing as earlier questions. I.e. if you know the answer to one you also know the answer to the following question.

Chapter 10 is called workflows but is just PDF extraction

As it’s not compulsory to complete the activities you could put some quiz questions in that relate specifically to things learnt whilst doing them. I.e. not all answers are available in the video tutorials.

Quiz questions are always the same which means it’s easy to go back and retry - even a small variation or variation of order would make this a bit harder although this should be counteracted by more obviously stating whether there are one or more answers. However, I realise now that there is a final quiz so perhaps this is less important.




Its really nice, Good coverage of UiPath features and capabilities, After completing this training I am feeling more confident. :slight_smile:



Agree @richarddenton already told about this… Lets see. Even only these 45 questions will be use everywhere :frowning:

Should be there random orders and New Questions and scanrios, Logical one will be better i guess.

Lets hope will see some changes for others.



I think that the content of the training is great.But why I cannot find out the answer in the official documents such as user guide or activity guide?


Hello UIPath team, hope all is well! Just wanted to bring somethings to your attention. In doing Lesson 2 Practice 4 Walkthrough, the Stop light exercise in the part where we are asked to create the Flowchart workflow. In the second bullet we are asked to create an Input Dialog activity but we’re not instructed were to place it. Then the bullet immediately following that, we are instructed to create a Switch activity and to connect it under the Start. However when you look at the image of what the completed workflow should look like, the Input dialog activity is connected directly under the Start node instead of the Switch activity. Also, in the beginning of this Walkthrough, we are instructed to use a sequence workflow then once those instructions are over, we are told to add a Flowchart workflow in the main workflow. This is confusing and I looked in the forum if anyone else ran into this and there was one user who figured we needed to open up another tab and place the flowchart in this tab. He posted this 24 days ago and yet this has not been corrected. Well anyway, these are my observations.
Thank you.


Hi all, I just passed the final exam yesterday and got my certificate. I see a great many others on the forum listed as “UiPath Graduate”; at least so far (24 Sept 2017), I am not. Do I need to go through more training to qualify as a UiPath Graduate in the forum?


Guess you need to join the certified group to be listed as a graduate.


That was quick! Thank you. Instant gratification.


congratulations! was the test hard?


Thank you, Ingrid. The test was harder than I expected, I admit.




Am I crazy or is there no possible way to see the course curriculum within

I’ve clicked on the course title & links every which way trying to find the lecture tree so I could see what’s covered… but all it ever shows me is the current lesson I’m on.


Have you tried hovering over the lesson count?
It should expand to show all the lessons (even if you can’t access them yet).