Guide 1, 45 question Quiz

Hello guys, i would like to ask some help becouse its been really silly these day’s i need to complete the guides for the Job that i have right now and the guide quiz its been just ridiculous, i am always reaching 6,7 and again 6,7 and again and i know i must be missing something but this is completetly bad ! I need some help could someone reach me out?

I really really really need to finish up this course asap

Hi, which guide quiz you are referring to? Can you share the url?

I am talking about the 45 Questions Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3

I do understand the guide i do know what i watched but there are some questions that where not in the small 5 questions per lesson now i am sorta wasting time and i NEED to finish this up soon

Ok. What do you mean by “i am always reaching 6,7 and again 6,7 and again…” Are you facing any difficulty with the academy pages/courses or you are finding the questions difficult?

In terms of the quiz, i just realize i writed it wrong i meant to say a score of 67.4% (67 . something it always changes up)

when the minimum to pass is 70 % and its been four days already and i am not able to finish it up it always goes between 67 and 68 %

For that I would suggest you to please go through the questions again and reappear for the quiz. There is no other way, I am sorry.
If you feel you require more knowledge around a particular topic, you can go to academy course again and then try to appear for the quiz.
All the best.

I done that already, i have all my Lesson quize’s in 100% i have taken notes and write down all the questions and answers that i can and its just not working up, the last time i noticed a quiz question being correct but not giving me any score, this is just taking an annoying botherly time