UiPath Academy: Basic RPA Training

First of all, thank you, UiPath Team for the free basic course and the certification. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Second of all, I, too, am done with the RPA Developer - Basic Training, fortunately, after failing on two consecutive attempts. I’m glad I wasn’t suspended. Regarding this, I have some feedback to give.

I found that some of the questions in the certification paper were not just tricky (which is okay), but were ambiguous (which is not). For instance, there was a question something like, “what is the TimeoutMS property for?” and there were two options that seemed to be (or were) true, one of which was given in the uipath website, and other one was provided in the UiPath Studio Community version, when you hover over the TimeoutMS property. Obviously, I marked both of them, but it seemed that marking them both wasn’t the right answer (or maybe it was, but it seemed otherwise.) If both are correct, I think both of those should be there on the documentation page.

Also, it seemed as if answering some of the questions in the tests required the knowledge we would get in later videos OR some in the certification paper had options which we didn’t have much knowledge on, even after completing the course.

Lastly, I see that after every training video, we get exercises and some documentation. I believe it could be even more helpful if you could provide more information and documentation (on your official site) than there already is on the different activities, properties etc. I guess that will help us in overcoming the two problems above.

All of what I’ve mentioned doesn’t make me any less thankful, and my observations might be wrong, but I just wanted to let you know what I experienced so that you and I can keep doing better and better.


Hi _ please help me how to take a training and certification ??


Go to the official site of UiPath. Then go to RESOURCES, and click on UiPath Academy. Once registered there, you’ll get access to the basic course of UiPath, and once you’re done with that, you’ll have unlocked the certification paper. All the best.

Siddharth Ghosh

Hey @bala0402

In short visit this link : Uipath RPA Academy

And if you are a new user then Register with required details and after login enroll for RPA Developer-Baisc Training and go through with each learning module step by step and at then end after survey feedback form you have to pass an exam.


I was not aware of the final exam 3 tries suspension. Thus I got suspended and UiPath requires me to you must review all prerequisite material. I’m not too sure what that involves but if it requires watching all videos again, that will be tough.

Is anyone able to help reset my account to allow me to take the exam.


i am not able to view the basic training part only the foundation enrollment link is visible.
Please help me out with this

Yes first Enroll to the foundation Training then you will be able to see the course materials.


Hi Mingerz, unfortunately if you fail the exam three times you will need to go through all of the materials again (after a 24 hour cool down period), unlocking each of the modules in turn as you go through. In theory you don’t actually need to do the exercises etc. but obviously this is highly recommended to aid you in passing the exam the second time round. Unfortunately there is no way of simply resetting you account to be able to take the exam again without going through the materials again.

thank you…
but do we need to cmplte the entire 177 slides fr this certification to be done.?

Yes you have to …

@Akash… I am new to Ui path… Just registered few days back and started my basic RPA training course… Yesterday Night I completed the first slide and it opened the Quiz for me… Went through the quiz and got 50%…

Just wanted to know…Is this score counted in final certification?

You need to score above 70% to get the certification.

Hi All why I got zero on this

please help to understand

@Aditipatil, you have to get them all correct or you get zero.
You didn’t select “Type Into”.
Citrix automation
See at about 2:30 onwards for an example of “Type Into” for Citrix.

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