Queue Trigger with Add Queue Item Activity (With Postpone Property Set)

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A. I have a hypothetical scenario like below.

In a workflow, Add Queue Item with postpone properties set as Datetime.Now.AddHours(5) [After 5 hours]
Note: Queue name Q1 (And it enabled with Queue trigger with Process P1)
After 5 hours, queue trigger will automatically trigger the Process P1?

B. What is the mechanism of queue trigger in the backend. Orchestrator keeps on checking the queue in some regular interval and if found then trigger the associated process?.
If above statement is correct then

  • What is that interval set to?
  • Can we modify that interval?
  • If we can modify, how can we do that?

The default is every 30 minutes, and yes you can change it.

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Let’s say we have added 10 queue item (all with postpone property set to after 5 hours (Datetime.Now.AddHours(5)). So then after 30 mins will 10 jobs will be created or it only one jobs from those 10 jobs?

That depends on how you have the queue trigger set. You can control if it starts 1 job or 10 or 5 or whatever you want.

Thank you for the prompt reply, really appreciate it.

Are you talking about below setting for queue trigger? See below marked one

If answer is yes, can you help me understand below

Suppose I set to 100 and I have added 5 queue item as follows
Queue Item #1 Added at 7:10 and Postponed set by 5 Hours
Queue Item #2 Added at 7:11 and Postponed set by 5 Hours
Queue Item #3 Added at 7:12 and Postponed set by 5 Hours
Queue Item #4 Added at 7:13 and Postponed set by 5 Hours
Queue Item #5 Added at 7:14 and Postponed set by 5 Hours

After 30 mins (i.e. at 7:40), it will create 5 jobs simultaneously or how it is? Just trying to understand it from different examples. @postwick

It will start one Job for every item added to the queue, unless you add more than 100 in a short period of time. Then the 100 Job limit would take effect.

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