Creating a postponed Queue Item Not working as expected


I have a trigger that starts jobs based on queue Item creation. I have another process that adds items to said queue. When adding items to the queue it postpones these items for an two hours. The trigger still triggers a job immediately after the queue item is added even though it is postponed for two hours. Is there a way to have it only trigger the job when the postpone time is reached?

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@Forum_Staff Do you have any insight into this problem.

Hi, I was trying to reproduce the same scenario you described above but in my case the behavior is the expected one.
The workflow I use is a very simple one: the item added already has a “Postpone” date set (I set it manually to be after 2 hours from the time I was doing my checks) and then waited for the queue trigger to start. Only those items added without postpone are processed in my case.
Could you please help me understand what is that you do differently so that I can try to reproduce your behavior?
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Hey @Alexandra_Munteanu,

Thanks for the reply. The issue i am having is not with the Queue, rather it is with the trigger. I am aware that a queue item that is postponed will not be processed until the postpone date. However UiPath Orchestrator has a great feature that you can add a trigger for a process that will “trigger” a job a soon as an item is added to a queue, the problem is, it “triggers” the item as soon as an item is added even if that item is postponed. As a result, my “processor” bot will start right away (as soon as an item is added), it will check if there are any items, it will see that there are none because the item that caused the job to be triggered is postponed, and then when the postponed time is reached, no bot will be triggered.


What I meant in my previous post is that I was trying to force the Trigger (the Queue trigger) to start jobs when new items are added to my queue but it actually did not create jobs just because those items had a “postpone” value set.
Just to clarify, you created a Queue Trigger for this, right?

I was asking if there was anything special with the items you created, because in my case, the Trigger seems to work as expected no matter what scenario I try…
So this is why I need your help to understand the missing piece :slight_smile:

Could you please tell me how you add New items to the queue? Do you add them using a job(or another time trigger) ? or do you upload them (with the “Upload items” functionality from Queues details menu) ?

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Hey @Alexandra_Munteanu,

I was trying to recreate it so i can take some screenshots and it seems to be inconsistent with the issues that was having before. Below are some screenshots displaying the queue item reaching its postpone date but the job no being started even though i have a queue trigger set up. I have blurred out the names for privacy.


So… let me get this straight. The issue you were facing is that the Queue Trigger does not start jobs after the Postpone date has passed? Or the other way around… that it ignores the postpone date and creates a job at the exact time you added the item to the queue?

The postponed items are not triggered immediately. There is a generic trigger that fires every 15 or 30 mins that catches them. For postponed items you need to wait a bit. For newly added items it should trigger instantly.


Hi @badita,

This makes a lot of sense.


Hey @Alexandra_Munteanu,

Thank you for your help. @badita clarified what was going on.



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