Question regarding hard code value and CapsLock on

I tried to record login window of desktop application.
After successful record , I can see the credentials also recorded as expected.
Example - UserID - admin , Password- admin
but when I try to execute the process with “CapsLock” on , I am seeing message like capslock is on and next activity is getting failed to execute.

How come if my value is hard-coded, why UiPath is considering about CapsLock on, because I am not using any send-keys activity here or not even using my keyboard, just UiPath need to execute my recorded script.

Note: This message is coming from Application (CapsLock on)

Hello @dinesh.pazhaniyandi I believe the “CapsLock” on message is somehow changing the selector values of the Ui element so UiPath cannot find the elements to type the credentials into hence the activity failing to execute

Hi @dinesh.pazhaniyandi, if you have turned on CapsLock, whatever details are entered will also be in Capslock. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your caps lock is OFF before you use try to execute your process, you can use this workflow. Hope it helps! Please mark as solution if it does:

Thank you for solving,
Solution ,
Send Hotkeys → Caps

Hi @dinesh.pazhaniyandi, if my answer helped you, can you mark it as a solution? Thanks!