I am not able to capture the Message "caps lock is on" when entring password

I’m Facing a Problem. I am not able to capture the Message “caps lock on”.


My requirement is if caps lock is “on” then my robot need to turn of caps lock by using send hotkeys…
But I’m not able to capture it… Thanks in advance…

You may not able to control the System Caps Lock but instead you can use Type Into Activity. There You can mention the Caps lock directly at the time of entering your password.

hI @suresh_polinati,

You can capture the Caps Lock hint by using “Image Exists” activity ,which return either True or False as an result. Then you can use if condition to turn caps off.

Check this workflow for reference caps_check.zip (3.7 KB)


Thq for u r replay… but when robot typing the password the message comes like “caps lock is on” and my submit button is behind the caps lock. so my robot is fails to click on submit button. below I’m sharing the pic… please check it once…Capture2

In properties pane of Click activity ,enable “Simulate Click / Send Window Message” option and try.

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its working perfectly. thq bro…

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Can you try to use the TAB after entering the password by using the Send Hotkey. so once you enter the password cursor will move to the Submit Button.

I know using tab… I want another solution and I find it. thq for u r replay

Check for CapsLock yourself - example here

Hat-tip to @aksh1yadav