Uppercase to Lowercase before loging in

Hi all,

I am making a process where I have to login many times with the username and the password - both are known. The username is, for instance, “hello”.
The problem is that when my computer has the uppercase key enabled, then it is typed “HELLO”, and so it can’t login.

I would like to know if there is some solution so that Uipath enables the lowercase before typing the login and password.

Thanks a bunch!

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Hey @username_uipath

kindly check out this existing thread with solution:


I think it is not what I am looking for.

What I want is something that changes Uppercase to Lowercase if uppercase is enabled…

you sure that

cannot help?


It doesn’t work. It only informs if the uppercase key is enabled or not, but it doesn’t change from uppercase to lowercase :frowning:

Hey @username_uipath
You want to convert your “hello” to HELLO or HELLO to hello?

well some points for you.

  1. Even Caps Lock will be on your system and if you will pass a lowercase string for example in your case “hello” to type into then it will type “hello” same instead of uppercase.

  2. But this thing is based on Application or websites. as well so in that case also you can first detect that the caps lock is on or not on your keyboard.
    if it is on then just use one more hot key to make it disable and then type in what form you want to type i.e.
    your_variable.ToLower or your_variable.ToUpper.