Query related to Input Dialog Box

Hi Whenever I am trying to drag and drop Input Box I am getting Input type as well. I don’t want this
Earlier i didn’t see this problem. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Shriswaroop_Joshi
The new interface is due to the updated version of the Activities package.
If you don’t want to change it, you may leave it ‘Text’ by default. Most activities that show new options on the interface have always had those options but visible only in the Properties pane on the right.
The interface has been updated to make it easy to find/configure this option.

If you must use the old interface, consider switching to an older version of the pack, but it is not recommended. Better features come with the newer versions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. But I don’t see this is consistent. Sometimes I see the older text box and sometimes when I drag and drop I see this interface

I am using this new activities package from some time and seeing consistent. It seems you are opening an old solution and in that you may find the older version. Let me know the activities version and UiPath versions you are using.

UI path version - 2020.10.0-beta-1145 Community license attached other details

Hi @Shriswaroop_Joshi
Judging from the screenshots, they are for two different projects - Sample and FirstDemo.
The activities packs are specific to each project, and the information indicative of that is stored in the project.json file in the project folder. Please refer to the dependencies section in this file.

In other words, if you open the ‘Project Dependencies’ window for the project ‘Sample’, you will find the versions of activities packages different from those of ‘FirstDemo’.
Find the version you would like to use and change (upgrade/downgrade) the unwanted one accordingly.