Missing Input Dialog, Message Box, Dialog Box in latest Community Studio v2021.10.5


I recently started RPA and was watching the tutorials. In the tutorial, “Variables, Arguments, and Control Flow in Studio”, it uses the ‘Input Dialog’ dialog in one of the videos. However, I cannot find it within my Activities panel.

I have done everything in terms of turning on ‘Classic’ mode, updating all packages, re-installing UiPath Studio, and more.

I have also noticed that I am not able to install the NuGet package: “UiPath.Core.Activities” as it does not pop up on my package list when searched.

Am I missing something? Thanks.


Hi @kphan

This is strange.

Could you let us know the type of the project that you are using (Windows - legacy, Windows, Cross-Platform?).

Do you have any errors in the Output panel when loading the project?

Hi Maciej,

Yes, I am using Window-Legacy and I have a bunch incompatible package errors when loading the project.

These errors occur even when I freshly install UiPath Studio and load a project for the very first time…

Sorry for a late reply.

Could you please double check this list of software requirements and whether you have all the dependencies: