Input Dialox Message box not displayed

Recently Auto Updated Uipath studio community 2022.10.3

now message box not displaying

Input Dialog box not displaying

when run the message box activity and input dialog box activity

Please help me

Hi @Akbar_Badhusa,
Can I have a screenshot of the activity, please?
After the upgrade, you need to go and tailor the activity which was upgraded along the packages manually otherwise you need to downgrade the packages in the studio.

Hi @Akbar_Badhusa you can downgrade the dependencies to 22.4 and try again

How to downgrade? can you please help

uipath help

it is a simple message box for example

now it is not displaying

execution ended without any message box

similarly input dialog box also

but log message activity working

Please help

Hello Akbar,

Welcome to UiPath community…!

This maybe due to version issue. In the Ribbon go to Manage package->Project dependency->Select the packages and click on update. Update to the latest stable version or downgrade to the version.

If any particular error, share that error also.

How to downgrade

Go to manage packages

click the 22.4…5 or below version and click update.

Thanks i have done this

No changes

I have input dialog box activity

without executing the process is ended

so the value is not storing in the variable

really appreciate your help

Save the workflow and debug it. It is working for me.

It was working before…
after update it is not working

Is there any connection with .net framework after update

do i need to install anything

please help

Tried Everything

Still not working