Input dialog problem

Hello guys. I have a little problem and need to somehow walk around it. So i have a procces that is relying on the “input dialog” activity. There I need to showcase some text, but it doesnt fit to the activity:

I tried and I cant stretch the window. Any workarounds?

Hello Povilas,
I would highly recommend using UiPath Forms activity rather than input dialog, as this activity will give you more control to create such modals.

Activities - Create Form (

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Input dialog ask for the user input and and the output can be stored in a variable or argument

if you want to display any of the text you can use message box activity


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Hello and thanks for the response. You see, I wanted to use Form activities, but I cant seem to install them correctly. I have downloaded and installed the package, but I still cant see them in the activities panel neither through search or anything else. Got any tips?

Ok, thanks , ill try it out too

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Please install UiPath.Form.Activities


Both of the given solutions are great and the answer I was looking for :slight_smile: Thanks a lot @Shiva_Nikhil and @Dilip_Wakdikar_1996

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