Query about license

We have 1 x Orchestrator with 3 x Unattended Licenses. Can we use it as HA or clustered orchestrator?
Is their any other architecture we can use for above license?

You can use it for HA and a single node Orchestrator as well.
For HA, you’ll need Redis for Windows which is available on GitHub. Let me know if you need help while setting it up as HA.

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Thanks for the update.

Please let me know how many Redis License is required if we are going for clustered setup(2 node Orchestrator)?
Do we need 3 separate servers to install 2 node cluster Redis or is it can be installed on same server where Orchestrator is installed?

Hi Abhishek,

  1. You can install the Redis cluster on the same machine but you’ll have to install them on different ports in the same machine.
  2. The preferred way is to install a Redis server (Master Node) on a separate dedicated machine or you can install this in the machine where your Orchestrator Database is installed (to make use of the infrastructure you already have :slight_smile: ).
  3. Install Redis slave nodes on two different machines which will house your Orchestrator nodes.
  4. You don’t need a license for Redis as it’s open source and is free to download from github (windows version is not handled by Redis Labs but is stable).
  5. You’ll need one Orchestrator license which will be the same on both the Orchestrators. The redis cluster will be used to synchronize both the nodes by sharing the Licensing information, Robot health, Jobs and their status and user information etc.

You can reach out to me at : jagdish4arsenal@gmail.com if you need help in installing the Redis cluster and using the Orchestrator in High Availability.

What are the pre requisites of Redis Master node server.
Is it necessary to install Elastic search and what are limitations if its not installed. what about licence?