How many licenses i have to buy?

Dear all,

Could you please help me to answer the below questions?

  1. Is is possible to install both Orchestrator & Unattended Robot in same server?
    I know it’s a not good architecture, but please answer me technically it’s possible or not?

  2. In case Orchestrator & Unattended Robot are installed on separate servers,
    If i use only 1 windows server for 10 processes (1 process will be ran on 1 user profile → totally i will create 10 users on Robot server), so i will create 10 robot on Orchestrator with same machine ID but difference UserName. How many license i have to buy?
    1 Orchestrator license + 1 Unattended license (node-locked)
    or 1 Orchestrator license + 10 Unattended license (node-locked) ?

Thank you so much.

I found the below information:

Unattended - If High-Density is not enabled on your Robot machines, this license is only dependant on the number of machines you connect to Orchestrator, regardless of the number of users it has. For example, if you have 3 machines, each with 10 users, and connect all of them to Orchestrator as Unattended Robots, only 3 licenses are consumed. If you have High-Density enabled, then each robot (machine-user combination) consumes an Unattended license when connected to Orchestrator. In the above example, 30 licenses are consumed.

Does it mean if i run 10 processes on 10 user by oder, i will need only 1 Unattended license, but if i want to run 10 process on 10 user in same time, i will need 10 Unattended licenses?

Enable High-Density = possible to run many process on multiple accounts same time, is it right?

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