How many licenses required for Orchestrator with HAA + DR (Active-Active)?

Hi, I would like to understand how many licenses required for both Orchestrator and HAA in DR Active/Active scenario.

Hi @tanjunz

In that case you definitely need different licenses for each data center. On an active/passive mode you can have only one, but then you will have some work to transfer the HAA license from Prod to DR.

Hi @Joel_Medeiros , thanks for your response. I don’t remember where I saw the information before which mentioned if the multi-node Orchestrator is using same database then they are using same license key. For this ‘Active/Active’ case, does it also mean only required 1 Orchestrator license since they are using same database with always-on synchronized?

For the HAA, I only remember somewhere mentioned that it calculate 1 license per cluster. So in ‘Active/Active’ case, is it required 2 HAA license?

Hi @tanjunz ,

Let’s break it down. If you have an active/active design you’ll need multi-nodes on both side (Production and Disaster Recovery). Each one of them will have one HAA cluster with 3+ Redis nodes.

If you want to create an Active/Passive design your main cluster or what I call Production, will have multi-nodes for Orchestrator, and one HAA Cluster with 3+ Redis nodes. However, the passive side, or Disaster Recovery site, will likely have one Orchestrator only without HAA. The tricky part is that you can have multi-nodes on your passive site, but then your can’t have the HAA. I mean, you can’t have it always available. You can have the nodes there, but you will need to bring the license from your Primary site to the Passive site whenever you want to turn the Passive to Active.

License wise, If you work with Active/Active you need two different licenses for orchestrator and Redis. Otherwise, you need only one.

Regarding the database. You’ll need one SQL Cluster each site (Primary and Secondary) with Always On Availability between them.

I hope that helps.