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I got this error → Python Scope: Error initializing Python engine

Hi @Sukanya_Dutta

Have a look on the Tutorial


Hello @Sukanya_Dutta , Check your python version and the Uipath pyton activiy was in updated

Python version is 3.6

@Sukanya_Dutta , Did you add your python path in System Environment variables?

Yes I have added

@Sukanya_Dutta , Also check the Python activity version in uipath

@Sukanya_Dutta , I’m not sure about this, just upgrade your Python verson and install properly with pip installer and try again in uipath
I’m using Python 3.8.10 , not facing any issues
Download link:
Pip Installer steps: pybase64 · PyPI
Kindly try this, it may work for you.

@Sukanya_Dutta also check the Properties and data you have entered are cross check.

  • Check the path of python
  • select the Target
  • Check the correct version
  • check the Working Folder (Script Folder)

Try to install python from here Python Release Python 3.10.1 | and then restart the machine.

Based on , in v1.6.0 we fixed an issue where UiPath.Python.Activities v1.4.1 would not support Python v3.10.1.

Let us know if this helped.

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