Publish Package to Orchestrator

We have a configured a process starting from the REFramework template and include references to the config file within the workflow. The config file lives within the folder structure that is specific to that project. We did this so we could easily change variables within the config file when we move environments.

My question is – when we publish a process, do we even need to move file folder structures from environment to environment? Is the config file included in the package that is published? This is coming from a few recent projects where the package was developed on my local and published and still references my local once it runs in Orchestrator, even when there are different variables in the config in which it should be referencing.

Hi @bradsterling,
Publishing project to orchestrator makes from whole project’s folder a package which consist of all files from it. This means that if in your config were some variables defined they will be also in this package. So it will be working the same for all computers/robots which will run this process from orchestrator. If you want to change config then you need to make change in config.xlsx file and publish whole package as a new version to orchestrator.


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