Orchestrator publishing and config sheet?


I made a change to my config sheet and then started my process through Orchestrator however the process was still relating to the old config and not my new change?

Do I have to republish the process again since the config sits within the data folder which is inside the process?

Any help would be massively appreciated.


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yah of course if the config file is in your project folder and if you have or want to make any changes then we need to republish it from studio
only then we can use that changes when ran from orchestrator
moreover once after publishing the package the process must be updated with that new package version in the orchestrator with PACKAGE TAB

Cheers @J_Swali

So I have a situation where I have a scheduled process (different the one mentioned above), and when I update the config sheet which is also within the project folder it updates itself and works on the new config sheet…

Is this because the process is scheduled?



Keep the config file in shared folder and change it whenever you need. For this no need to publish it again and again.

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