Config file issue when process is deployed

Hi i deployed the bot in VM i used RE-Framework now the problem is config file is the part of nuget package so i am unable to make chnges in Config.How can i get config file out of that package plz help
@ Florent_Salendres

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Any files that exist in the project folder are bundled with the nupkg file, there’s no good way to remove the xlsx and have the bot reference it. If you’re using the REFramework I believe it checks Orchestrator for assets first and only relies on the config.xlsx for if the asset isn’t on Orchestrator.

You should be able to create the assets on Orchestrator and edit them from there for your production process.

Hi @daniel actualli i am not using orchestrator the requirement is not to use orchestrator is there any other way?

Buddy if you are not allowed to access orchestrator you can use the json file in your studio and you can get the data from it with read text and deserialize activity buddy @robot111

How can I FIT THIS Thing in re-Framework the config file path is in INT all setting workflow can you help me on this

should i give the Config file path in jason file?

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No buddy the details that you have with config can be obtained with json so tat you can make changes with the file being in your remote system
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and if i maake jason file in the project folder will it not be a part of nupkg package?

But i want to keep that config file if i go for jason i have to change in code as well

@Florent_Salendres need your help in this regard

Hi @robot111,

This post may be helpful

You will need to replace the relative path bellow by your absolute one.


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@Florent_Salendres thanks for the response i already tried this changing the relative path to absolute one.but when i publish it again i am unable to see the config file. will the config file be placed separately in nukpg package? or it will be always there in the absolute path and i can change the data from that path?

Yes, You will need to change data within the spreadsheet from that path.
You can for example centralized all config file inside a network drive and change their value from there once your bots are published.


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i have changed the relative path and changed some of the data in config from new path .but its picking the old config file which is already in the project folder.what to do now? should i delete the old config file in the project folder?

sorry my bad i forgot to change the path in code Also…can i make the path configurable like i want to place it in a text file to make it more configurable as i dont have orchestraotr access