Project taking too long to debug/run?

Hi Dears,

I am working on a project which involves lots of calculations, comparisons, loops, and excel operations. The robot type is attended.

It takes longer than usual to run/debug the project. I have tried to run the project in different machines with higher specs but no luck. I tried to clear the %temp% folder and restart my machine a couple of times but still no impact on performance. If I make any changes to the project and run it again I have to wait more than 10 minutes for the process to start. Once the project passes the validation error, the entire process does not take longer than 10 seconds to finish.

Please advise how can we resolve this problem?


it is silly suggestion please restart your machine and try to run the process some times it will resolve the issue. and also please check your hardware if it meets the uipath requirement. please refer the below links.


HI @Nauman_Manzoor,

If you have tried on different machines with different configurations and still no change in performance, I would say that your process is meant to take that much time.

Not all automations can be quick, few are time taking by default.

As an example, performance/time taken to process a really huge pdf file will never be same as normal pdf file, right?

So I would say its okay as your project flow includes lots of calculations which are taking time.

Only thing coming to my mind - may be you can check is if there are any loop structures that can be replaced by another activities thus reducing time.


Welcome to the UiPath community @Nauman_Manzoor

Clearly the operations are not optimized. You can try to merge common loops in a simple linq (there are many tutorials here on the forum to get started)

Also, if there is a possibility, use parallel threads to process data

Try to use scripts wherever possible to make it quick.

If you can share the file with dummy data or the list of operations, then it would help us to help you