Uipath 2019.8.0 is very slow

Uipath is very slow
Each activity is taking too much time to load.
If i click upon right click then also it is taking 10-15 sec time

Here start button also have so much confusion

3 options are there but have confusion

Clear your temp folder.
From Run command %temp% → this will open the temp folder.
clear temp folder and re start UiPath. it will fix your issue


Facing same issue…clearing temp is not helping…

i have 2 machines with same spec…the same program takes 3 mins to execute in one machone vs 5m 37 sec in another…almost double the time…

I am screenscraping a desktop application and I am observing some activities have delay of 1-2 seconds


Pick up Start without Debugging option or Start file without debugging option.
You don’t see slow execution.

I am using Start without debugging option… I even tried making “WaitForReady” as NONE.

There is visible constant 2 sec delay between 2 clicks… not sure what could be the reason… my code has no added delays…