UiPath Run Slow

My studio is 2019.6 and on Enterprise license

After running a simple reframework with reading an excel file with 8 entry and then the process is just writing down the first name of the entries, I noticed that the execution is taking some time. I did this only for unit testing that’s why the logic is very simple.

Looking in this simple step, the run should just take few seconds but running it took more than a minute. Then I tried running it on debug and it only took 00:00:04

Any one else having this issue?

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Are there any other applications / processes running parallel on your computer?

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Tried running on only UiPath opened and not. still the same.

This should not happen if you are using simple logic, would it be possible for you to share the xaml file?

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For some reason it works fine now. lol. Thanks @VirajN

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