Project can't be published. Can't publish any project


Hello! I’m using UiPath Studio 2018.2.0 version. When I publish any project, there is occurred upper error. A month ago, the project which was succeeded for publishing is not published. How can I solve this problem? Please let me know how to do.

I got a problem. The reason of publishing error is the error of studio 2018.2.0.
If the studio version of none-studio 2018.2.0 is used, there is no problem.

Hi @jksychoi, I had the same issue. For me it was caused by having simultaneously installed the community edition running version 2018.2 and the platform/enterprise edition running 2018.1.4. Do you perhaps also have multiple versions of UiPath installed on your machine?

More specifically, my enterprise edition ran a robot service, which the community edition tried to publish to. The error message I got (the same as the one you get) is due to the version difference between studio and robot.

At any rate, for me I could fix it one of two ways: The first is to uninstall all instances of UiPath completely, then reinstall CE. Afterwards, I could publish fine both locally and on orchestrator. As it says here, it is not recommended to have platform and CE versions installed at the same time.

The second fix/work-around is a bit technical and requires admin privileges and fiddling around with Windows services, so I’d rather not go into it right now unless you tell me that that is what you want to do.