Problem with Publishing

Hey guys.

When I am running the workflow with UiPath, there are no errors. However, when I try to publish it, there are errors:

It happened right after the update.
Any suggestions or solution for this?



Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi

Any chance you could recreate a blank project that reproduces the issue (= that will fail on Publish every time)?

Or at least give us more clues as to what is wrong here and how to reproduce it :slight_smile:

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I can publish it back when the version was 19.7


Is the issue maybe resolved?

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Hi @loginerror.

Yes. It is already resolved.
The workflow was compatible with 19.7 beta.
Then 19.8 beta came.
So I used the Enterprise Edition (since I have a license) so the version is 19.4.
At first there is an error (UiPath can’t identify the Project version).
What I did was I modified project.json. I changed the schemaVersion from 4.0 to 3.2.

Regards :slight_smile:


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