Pubiish error!

Dear, All

After updating uipath studio, i got some problem when publish new version.
Error message is as below.

Error: Publish of Process project to Orchestrator failed. An error occurred while sending the request.

How can i do to solve it?


Please look at the project.json and check the value of “projectVersion”. It should be the same or higher as the highest version of your project in “Packages” in Orchestrator.
By the way: I got a similar error because I had multiple Documents which I needed for developing only in a subdirectory. This caused that the maximum size of the package was exceeded. Until it is not possible to exclude files or directories from beeing published, we have to move this away while publishing.

Thank you for your answer.

I was do as your answer, but i didn’t solve it.

Do you have other idea?

Ok, did you check the UIPath-icon in your tray? Here should be a blue Icon and if you hover with the mouse pointer it should show “UIPath Robot and the Version” and also “connected, licensed”.
Did you check your username on your develeoping machine and it this name assigned as login to a robot name. For me e.g. I have in Orchestrator a robot which is named DevMartin (Development Martin) and the credentials are my loginname and pw.
Please also check the robots rights in Orchestrator.

I already check the status of robot with connected, licensed. it’s correct.
Also, i already used old version of process, in this time i changed some logic.

So, i want to publish, but i couldn’t that as you know because of this problem.

Ok, at that point I would like to ask you to create a new process for a test. May be an empty one without any logic in that process, just one that the Studio offers. Do not change anything. Ok, a “log message” in main would be ok. Now save that please and try to publish this process? If that works, the problem seems to be the other process or a file inside the directory.
What versions of activities do you use? Did you upload all of them to the orchestrator so that he “knows” them? What do you get if you validate the process?
I think you can imagine that is difficult to locate a problem without to see what is going on. So I can only offer my thoughts about the point that I would look at.
Edit: One problem can also be, if you have opend one of the files of this process with a tool outside of Studio e.g. Notepad++ or Excel etc. If that could be opened by you or somebody else I think here can also be the reason.

Thanks a lot.

I know what you are saying. when i test new process for test with empty project, the result is good.

Error happened when modified and published in existing projects.

I don’t know why this error is happened?

Dear, Martin

Thanks to you, i could solve this problem.

The cause of this problem seems security program was blocked on company’s network.

So, i used hot spot using my mobile phone. It’s working so well now.

I live in South Korea, and it’s almost 2 a.m.
But I’m not tired at all because I solved the problem.

Thank you for your help.