Process stopping unexpectedly, runs fine as components

As the title says, all my components run fine on their one, but when strung together I get an unexpected error which appears to stop the final component opening Excel (using excel app scope).

As the screenshot shows, the log at the start of the final invoke works, but the next step, which is the excel application scope which should open the relevant file, errors out. When I open this workflow and run it on its own, it runs just fine - barring the lack of inputs - so I was wondering what my cause this issue?

The input arguments are two data tables, one created by a “Read Range” and one from a “Get Clipboard”. The “Get Clipboard” data table used to be a “Read Range” activity, but for some reason that started prompting the Excel file to save which set off a sharepoint save, despite having deselected “Autosave” in the Excel Application Scope, and this file should not be saved, but I think I had the same issue when it was a “Read Range” so I doubt it’s that. Also if there were input argument issues I suspect they would have arisen before the initial log message was posted from this component.


Have you pinpointed the exact activity where the error happens? My initial thought was that you are putting too much data in the Get Clipboard.

You might need to prepare a file you can send to UiPath that reproduces the error, so they can look at it. Contact Technical Support
in case it’s a bug or there is a setting you can change on your machine.

Also, if you are not on a 2018 version, some issues may have been fixed if you upgrade

Thanks Clayton. I’m on 2018.3 I believe, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Also, this occurred when I was using “Read Text” as well, not just “Get Clipboard”. I have a log message just before the Excel Application Scope which prints, and one first thing inside, which doesn’t, and the file never opens, so presumably it’s something related to opening this file. I’ll keep experimenting, and as you suggest, I’ll message UiPath if this persists.


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Ok, so sounds like something related to the file. I know I’ve had some issues in the past where the file needed to be open before the Excel Scope. You might try that just to see, like using Start Process activity or Open Application activity with Excel.exe for program and file as argument. Not sure if that will help though.

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In an unexpected turn of events - I just got this same error half way through the middle section of this process - so it didn’t even reach the usual “Open Excel” stage as above. I will keep looking/playing but I can’t figure out why UiPath crashes out like this.

Could it be that the Excel file is .xlsm perhaps?