UiPath Executor has stopped working: Job script stopped due to unexpected process termination

I am trying to read an excel file with about 250k rows and about 91mb, but im facing an error. The error occurs at the read range activity.

It works perfectly fine if I run the workflow on its own (I created a separate workflow only reading the excel file and it works), but if i tried to invoke it from another workflow, it shows an error. I have tried increasing the default message size, tried isolating the invoked workflow. (this shows up as a different error: error writing to the pipe : Unrecognized error 232 (0xe8)) I have also tried making the excel application / read range activity private.

The read range works fine on a smaller excel file with fewer rows.

What I want to do is to read a range of an excel sheet that can have 20k rows to 300k rows, save it into a datatable and filter the datatable according to some values in my config file.

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Hi @teosamuel4 - Which Read Range you have used? Is that within Excel Application Scope? If so, check whether the Visible property is unchecked. If that too unchecked then try other Read Range activity which works with out Excel Application Scope.

I have not faced such issues. I am just giving you a suggestion to try other options.


Hi @AnandKumar26, I have tried both Read Ranges in excel application scope and without Excel Application scope, both does not work. Have also tried unchecking the Visible property…

Well then the volume for some reason seems to be an issue.

One way to conclude this is to keep increasing the size of the smaller file and run the process until it breaks.

Yes it likely is the volume of the excel file. I have managed to process the excel by chunks of 25k and it appears to be working now! Thanks everyone!

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