Process not ran by trigger

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I have 3 processess in orchestrator to run them with an unattended robot by trigger. Today I uplodaded the 3th process, but the trigger is not excuting it… I do not know why the trigger do not execute the process, but if I do it manually it works. Also the only difference between this process and the other 2 is that in this process I am using Chrome.

Is it possible that it is due to Chrome?

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We have seen this problem today as well, on queues triggered by addition of queue items. Cloud orchestrator has also been timing out, and slow in general - I wonder if this is related to the big outage?

We, and our customers, have also had issues today, processes not running and triggers that get “timeout”.

Can’t see any information here

@loginerror is this a known/global issue?

Could you let us know if you are still experiencing these issues?

We had an incident yesterday that should now be fixed: UiPath Status - Disruption in job scheduling on Cloud Orchestrator in North Europe region

Hello @loginerror

Today it is working fine! :slight_smile:)


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