Process not getting executed by Trigger when the Machine is not accessed

Hi all,

Process not getting executed as needed when I trigger the process through orchestrator schedule without accessing the MC.

I have developed a workflow that runs fine when I run it through studio as well as Uipath assistant. It also works when I run it through the Job session in orchestrator.

When I schedule the bot to run at a particular time while I have access to the machine it works as expected.

But when I schedule it at any time while I don’t access the machine it fails. After 3 mints of execution is throws activity time out error.

Can any one tell why this happens? also I’m getting an email error summery saying Robot is unresponsive. (#1223). ? while I disconnect from the MC.

But when I access the MC the robot gets automatically connected and job runs.

Thank u.

Hi @batBot,
For me it looks like you are using Community Edition which is not fully capable of running completely unattended processes as Robot is being running on User Mode.

Unattended execution with the User Mode Robot is only possible under a locked screen while the user is logged in.

More information here:


Thank you for the replay.

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