Queue triggers do not work some times

Hi All,

I am using UiPAth community edition.

I have 5 queues having triggeres set on every queue and one bot is executing the processes triggreed when new queue Item is added in any queue.

I have observed below issue -

Queue triggers do not work for 2nd item and after many times

I have found below workaround on the forum -

A workaround is to decrease the interval with which the queue items are checked.

By default it is checked every 30 min, thus it takes up to 30 min for the queue items to be picked up.

The interval can be changed by editing the “ProcessActivationSchedule” parameter.

Please refer to the following documents for details.

Can anyone please tell where to find Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule on cloud orchestrator in community edition ?

Hey @shraddha_joshi

The above is only applicable for on-prem orchestrator!


Then what is the solution for cloud orchestrator ?

Queue trigger is not processing the queue items

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Hey @shraddha_joshi

I don’t think we have an environment variable option for cloud as of now.

But could you please explain your requirement to see if there is any workaround possible?


@shraddha_joshi if there is an item only in queue 2 then is the second process executing???

  1. I have 2 queues - Queue1 and Queue2 . On both these queues queue trigger is set e.g Trigger1 on queue1 and trigger2 on queue2

  2. I have added new item in queue 1 and after 1 min added new item in queue 2

Newly added item in queue1 got processed successfully
But after that new item in queue2 is not picked up for processing

Please note, I am using same bot for processing items in queue1 and queue2 .

  1. My expectation is after processing new item in queue1 , new item in queue2 should be processed next which is not happening right now , the item remains in New state in queue2
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With single queue , its working fine , issue is when we have multiple queues.

Hey @shradha.joshi

Did you set the trigger for the Queue2 also ?

And what about the bots ?


yes I have set up trigger on queue2 as well.

I am using same un-attended bot for both the queues trigger

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So it will be processed one by one.

Did you check in the Jobs tab in the orchestrator, to verify if the job got triggered ?

Yes my expectation is also the same like it will be executed one by one .

But in actual, after processing queue1 item , queue2 item is not processed , job did not start and queue item state is still New , ideally it should have moved into ‘in process’ and then got completed

On Cloud orchestrator what is the interval with which the queue items are checked?

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So you mean to say the job itself is not triggered.

To validate this could you please show us the Queue and Trigger configuration screenshot first ?

Queue1 is having name ‘SalesForce-Aggregation’

Queue2 is having name ‘SalesForce-Provisioning’

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Now could you please show the jobs page ?

Job shows succesfull but it got failed

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Can we have screen sharing so that I can explain the issue ?

Okay perfect this mean the issue is not with Queue Trigger but with the Kill Process

If the process got failed , why the transaction item status in queue not changed ?

it is still showing as New

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Hey @shradha.joshi

Yep, Kill process is something happens at the initial state even before handling the transaction.

Since, the kill process itself failed it didn’t go to the point of get transaction to process it.


ok , got it , so I am using RE framework and kill process is in initialising phase so it has not started the actual transaction that’s why the state is New .

And why the job shows success even when the process exection got failed ?

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