Process artefacts that use different assets, queues etc in different classic folders

Hi all,

I have an unattended license that I would like to use to automate multiple processes. As I am aware, I only have 1 runtime for this license.
The processes that are being automated are created for different departments for which I have separate assets and queues. The folders have different users assigned to them. How can I ensure that the robot has access to the different folders? Or how can one unattended robot read assets in different folders? What kind of access is needed for this?

I am also trying to understand whether an unattended concurrent license is linked to a machine or a user.

Thanks for letting me know how to best approach this.

Hey @krisvandenbergh,

One Runtime = One Robot.
One Robot = One machine + Robot User (Windows credentials)

From what i have seen, robots “belong” to the folder they are in and cannot run processes in other folders.

You may create two classic “robots” on the same machine or… use modern robots.

One classic robot can not reach outside of its folder.