Unattended Concurrent Runtime license Question


I have a very specific question related to UnAttended Concurrent Runtime license.
I have on UnAttended license for my tenant.

Now I have 3 different processes and these process will be executed on 3 different Windows 7/10 machines. But these processes will never run at same time.

For example:
Process A will be running daily at Machine A at 8 Am for 30 minutes always
Process B will be running daily at Machine B at 9 Am for 30 minutes always
Process C will be running daily at Machine C at 10 Am for 30 minutes always

So how to achieve this with one Concurrent runtime license.

Please note:
We can’t run all processes on a single machine at different intervals. We have to run those on different machines.
All machines are windows 7/10 machines and not Windows Server machines.
Each machine will have a different username and password assigned as the underlying software uses AD or SSO.

Thanks a lot

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Hello @Anil_choudhary,

The Concurrent runtime switching occurs automatically between mutiple users on the same server. The only way to switch licenses between multiple machines in case of Unattended Robot Runtimes is by doing it manually using the below mentioned toggle switch (There is no way around it):

This is the reason why we recommend the High-Density Robot Architecture. Ensures the server hardware and licenses are fully utilized.

Hope this helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:


Hi Nithin,

So in my case or example, I have to derive a mechanism or something which will mark this machines active and inactive.

Say another process which will trigger at 7.55 am and will mark the machine A as active.
Than at 8.55 am it will mark machine a as inactive and machine B as active and so on.


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Hello @Anil_choudhary,

Yes, you would have to mark the machines active/inactive as you mentioned but manually.

Hope that helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your response.

We will see how we can achieve this.

Thanks & Regards

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