Running Process on Multiple Machine with Unattended Robot

Hi All, I wanted to know is there a way to run 1 process on 2 Machine with only 1 License for unattended robot ?

Hi @Christopher_Budiono,

I don’t think that’s feasible as unattended license is attached to machine/user combination. So if you want to run same process on 2 machines that possible by creating 2 different folders and having process deployed in both the folders but you will need to have 2 licenses for same.

It won’t work with 1 license per my understanding.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47, Thank You for the reply, but how about with different run time like for example Process1 run at 9 A.M on Machine1 and Process2 run at 11 A.M on Machine2, does it still need 2 Licenses ?

Hi @Christopher_Budiono,

Yes unless you would like to switch on/off license allocation for both machines as and when desired but you cannot keep it occupied for 2 machines at the same time.


You can run floating unattended robots if you want 2 different machine,one robot to run at different times. You can also have 2 robots on one machine and set concurrent runtimes to 1 so there is no license failures. That way any additional job will be Pending and/or you can set a schedule so one robot runs at certain hours vs the other

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HI @eric.kalkstein,

Yes agree.
To be able to do this – " You can run floating unattended robots if you want 2 different machine, one robot to run at different times." while creating machine template, unattended license has to be assigned so 2 unattended licenses will get assigned to those machines.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.


Hi @Christopher_Budiono and @sonaliaggarwal47,

A little background about modern folders:

The limitation with 1 Unattended License is that the moment the Robot User is busy in one of the machines in the Machine Template, you cannot run another process simultaneously using the same Robot User.

If you had 2 Unattended licenses, then the limitation would be availability of Robot User. That’s because UiPath limits a User to be doing one job (user here is a robot) and the User therefore cannot consume two unattended licenses at the same time on two different machines.

Why did UiPath do this?
My guess is to ensure the logging is not gibberish. If the same user can run multiple jobs at the same time, the logs would not make sense. Another explanation is to ensure the one robot user, one license philosophy, which makes sense when you think about scenarios like locking queue items to a given robot. If both robots where of the same name then there would be need for another way to distinguish which robot has locked an item in the queue.

Answer to your question:
Yes, you can run 1 process at different time schedules on two different machines on 1 Unattended License using Modern Folders (UiPath has another Tennant folder schema called Classic folders, but that is soon to be out of support - October 2021)

In Classic Folders: Robots were/are not so portable, so modern folders is the way to go :slight_smile:

Hope this clears some doubts.


So that mean I could setup 2 machine with different run time with only one unattended license ? Can you show me how to do it ?
Thank you

  1. In the Tenant, go to Settings. Then check the option “Modern Folders-Enable account-machine mappings”
  2. Create a trigger. In the trigger page, assign the robots and machines in the option “Select Valid User-Machine Mappings”

  1. Then run the job according to the trigger. You will find job is being executed on both machines as assigned at same time.

Dear Team,
I want to inquiring about the maximum number of unattended robots that can be utilized concurrently on different machines (i.e., the number of processes that can run simultaneously without human intervention or automatic scheduling/triggering on different machines) per tenant under the UiPath Pro license.