Unattended license for multiple users

Hello Sir, I really would appreciate your help clarifying something our for me, I tried the community forum documentation and the academy and did not get a clear answer on the following issue:

Could I use the same unattended license for different user accounts (multiple robots) that uses the same VM and work consequently?


Hi @Rasoul

I made your message public in the #run:unattended-robots category because I think the answer would help out other users as well.

I will reach out to my colleague for a bit more details and we will come back to you. My initial response was supposed to be a simple ‘not yet’, but it could be that it will be available via our modern folders and the 20.4.0 release).


Short answer: Yes.

In unattended mode the license is consumed by the machine/runtime no matter how many users you have defined. They will run sequentially on the same runtime.


thank you @loginerror, appreciate your reply

@badita could you please elaborate further on how to do this? I have tried to create multiple robots with different usernames that would work on the same license (not on the same time), however this would always result with one of the bots being unlicensed (even when the other one is idle) and does not respond to scheduled jobs.

thank you


Unattended or Attended bots? Which version? Classic or Modern folders.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 12.01.53 PM


Unattended, version 2019.10.14.

So Should I switch the unattended license to “Concurrent runtime” license?


19.10 (so classic robots) You already have concurrent runtime. This is the only model for unattended. The machines consumes licenses when they connect to Orchestrator according to their runtime capacity… Say you have 5 bots defined on M1 (with 1 runtime). You turn on M1 (service mode) and connect it to Orchestrator. Only one license will be consumed though you have 5 bots (users). The bots will execute sequentially.


thanks again, I have tried creating 2 bots on one machine with 1 runtime, once the 2nd bot was created the license status on the license > Unattended page says unlicensed, and none of the robots respond to a job, could you please explain in steps what should be done?

PS. I have tried using duplicate robot and inactivating the machine from the license page

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Can you send a screenshot from the license->unattended page? Also, please restart the service. If you are using modern folders please use 20.4+ robots.

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Hello @badita

Thanks again for your reply, as you can see in the below pic, i have created 2 robots on the same runtime, so they can work consequently and I can use multiple usernames to execute processes.

However, when I am trying to start a job on the second bot, it does not work and please find below the screenshot for the status of the bot

It says blocked by another robot occupying all runtimes on the robot machine, how is it possible to let the license gets automatically dispatched when the bot is not being used?

Is the machine the same? If it is are they installed in service mode or user mode? Service mode should be in order to work.

Test2 is unlicensed which may mean that in another folder Test1 may be running a job.

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Hey @badita,

Did we got any solution for this?

Because in my case it is not working. Please let me know if you have any reference links on the same from uipath documentation.