Understanding Unattended Concurrent Licensing

Hi there,

I have 2 UiPath - Unattended Robot - Concurrent Runtime license.
I wish to understand how can I use it with maximum potential.
I have one Windows 10 VM(eg Machine 1) and 2 Windows users(eg User1 and User2) access to this machine.
And I have 3 processes, out of which 2 needs to run simultaneously every hour and one needs to run ones in a day.
All 3 processes involve UI.
So how shall I install the robot license on my VM?
Shall I install 1 license per User+Machine eg(License 1=User1+Machine1 and License 2=User2+Machine2)?
Or Shall I have another Windows 10 VM and Instal 1 robot license per machine?
What is the best option?

Thank You.


Concurrent licences are used only when robot is connected to orchestrator.
Assuming you run 2 process simultaneously :- They both will acquire one licences each during runtime, as soon as this execution is stopped both licences will be released back to orchestrator.

  1. You have to create machine template and assign number of licences it can consume concurrently.
  2. You have to create floating robot.

So as per your request best way is
To assign 1 licences to both machines


and run both your process at once
while process 3 you can run on any of the machine.

Hope this clear your doubts.

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