Problem with SAP version migrating from version 750 to 760


I have a question about an automation with SAP. I am migrating from SAP version 750 to version 760 and I am having problems with a selector that I attached below. In the previous version it was working fine and when updating that selector it seems to be not detected. I have put the same theme and the same configuration as in the previous version. Can anybody help me?

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HI @Juanjo_Fernandez

I do not see selector, I just see the screen form SAP table

Please share more information

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The selector is:

This selector was made in the old version. Now in the new one I have the problem that I mention that it is not detected. I tried to update it and it doesn’t work

show old selector, show new selector?

what is happening when you click on some elements in SAP WinGUI 7.60 ? what is the selector?

The selector that I show above is made in version 750.

I have to make the red box selector that you see in the next image, but as you can see when I try to make the selector in version 760, this little box is not detected.

show me the selector in UIExplorer, when you click the box, which you cannot detect

This is the selector:

please check if this is set on your user machine?

Dialog (modal) display options need to be enabled

I think it is correct.

Yes, looks good. Please open a support incident, that our support team can see it live and help you.