SAP Logon 7600 Selector Problem

Hi everyone,
On SAP Local version 7500 I was able to click all the buttons on my UI but after version update to 7600.1.4.1158 it only allows me to click window as a whole and doesn’t recognize the elements like buttons, text areas etc. separately. Does anyone else have this kind of issue?
Thanks in advance!

HI @dcrt

Please verify again all settings here

Best regards, Lev

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Hello, thank you for the reply.
Yes, all settings are correct.

Yes selectors are really bad in SAP Logon Applications. Use Click Text Activity if possible.

The thing is I was able to select everything before and it was an issue sometimes. Now I can’t select or click anything. And I think it is about version change


We are running our internal regression testing on different versions of SAP WinGUI

See here: About SAP WinGUI Automation

The following versions of SAP WinGUI are supported for Windows 7 and Windows 10, for both architecture types (32-bit and 64-bit). SAP Logon and SAP Logon Pad are supported on all versions.

  • SAP WinGUI 7.40
  • SAP WinGUI 7.50
  • SAP WinGUI 7.60

All available themes (such as Belize, Blue Crystal, or Corbu) can be used for SAP automation.

So, with this, all versions of SAP WinGUI are supported. It should be something wrong with the settings of SAP.


Thank you so much, apparently something was wrong with the settings that I wasn’t authorized. We solved the problem.


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