Problem with RDP session automation

I’m working on the automation project that needs to interact with UI elements on the site when I exit RDP, and I’m facing the problem, that, when I off RDP session, my Task Scheduler event with UIRobot starts properly, but when it cames to UI interaction, it stops and cannot find any UI element.
I have guessed that the remote machine is lock so I set the auto login on remote windows and it doesn’t help although.
Any ideas?

Hi @Andrey_Voinalovich,
Please check this out:


The thing is that my RDP window is not minimized, I close it and my tasks must execute on another mashine remotely.

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rather to the rdp is closed or not make sure that the application inside the rdp is not minimised
And for that we can use MAXIMIZE WINDOW as first activity along the sequence
—this will make sure that the application is brought to foreground and the bot is able to find the elements in it
—and also if it’s not working kindly try using computer vision activities

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Andrey_Voinalovich

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I also had a problem with RDP after you close or minimize the RDP the robot stop working. I saw there is a lot of people with the similar problem.

My solution comes from movie inception.
In nutshell you connect to RDP and in this RDP you open another RDP to a different user can be same machine. When you close the main RDP the one which run under it will let robot run without problems.

I know it is by passing problem rather then solving it but it works.

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Hi Adam
It seems that this might be a usable workaround, as some of our robots fails when they are executed using the --rdp parameter or when minimized without any obvious reason. However they work fine, both if they are executed while they are being monitoring (live), or when they are executed in ‘console’.

Do you have an example, on how you put the RDP in RDP command together?

Thanks in advance!

From your computer open remote desktop connection to your remote desktop machine(RD1).
In RD1 open remote desktop connection to another desktop machine(RD2) where the robot will run.
Run robot in RD2. Close RD1 with cross(No logout or turn off just close with cross) the RD2 will stay open under RD1. The robot will keep running under RD2. (RD1 and RD2 can be technically same Windows just use 2 different users)

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the support it really worked, first i was wondering how it’s going to work but technically i understood that the session must be logged in for the bot to work. This is the perfect solution. :grinning: :grinning: