Auotmation in Remote Desktop

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I had developed a process on my laptop and then then deployed the process on a robot which is present in server machine that I access through remote desktop connection. The problem happenning is that when the remote connection is open the automation is working and as soon as I close the machine or minimize it, the automation starts giving error. If anyone has faced a similar issue, please let me know the solution.

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Check the resolution of Remote machine

if the resolution is different, then it should not work while the desktop is connected Right ?

The problem with RDP when you close the rdp the resolution is changes

for clarification run the bot in closing remote desktop.

Whenever we run a bot in Remote Desktop we need to make sure that the window is set to full screen
Only then the bot will be able to find the elements of images when the process is executed

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Did we try with this approach

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HI @Palaniyappan,

I tried what all was mentioned in the article but it didn’t help.

May I know the issue now we are facing

The issue is same. The auotmation is working while RDP window is open and once I minimize or close it, automation stops working.

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Is it minimised manually or along the process

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