Job is running but not printing any logs in Orchestrator

Hello Experts,

Can you please help me with this, I’m not sure why logs are not printing when job is running in Orchestrator?

In Advance
Satyam Baviskar.

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Hi @satyam.baviskar

Please check from your Robot settings where the Logging level is set or not

If that is set correctly, please check this below thread and to disable elastic search :
Job log not visible in Orchestrator


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Hi @satyam.baviskar
Also ensure that u have changed the LOG LEVEL in robot tray at right Machine only then it will get reflected in the orchestrator and logs will be shown

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Hi @satyam.baviskar
is it working now?

Due to some permissions issues , I’m not able to access the robot section in orchestrator, need to get the access first.

sure @satyam.baviskar
plz get required access and check

I seem to have the same problem since last night. All of the processes are running normally but logs from none of the robots on multiple machines can be found in Orchestrator since last night.

No manual changes could have caused this as it took place in the middle of the night. Local logs seem to function without a problem. As a minor detail: I’m quite sure that in the morning I only had Orchestrator logs until midnight and at some point 3 hours worth of logs (from midnight to 3 am) appeared but no more since.

Could you help me understand which of the troubleshooting advice is applicable also to Cloud Orchestrator (Community edition)?

Thank you so much to all of you for showing interest in this issue, & would like to inform that it has started working as normal, I don’t have an idea what was happened to it, as all processes were running but no logs visible in orchestrator but now all are visible, Thanks Team.


Hi @satyam.baviskar

kindly close the topic

happy automation

Thanks @Rajeswari24

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