Problem to read UI Element with Acrobat PDF


I have a problem with the interpretation of elements in pdf documents in Acrobat.
I have already had this problem and I have been able to solve it without problems. The problem happens on a new computer. The equipment has the same configuration in terms of reading options. The other does work properly. Both computers have the same version of acrobat (2021.007.20099) - 64 bits

Anyone know what the problem could be?



Hi @Gianfranco_Drago

Please have a look at this thread.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

I have already tried to configure the reading options according to the version indicated in the guide. I clarify that it works for me on one computer, and not on another. I do not know the problem.


The accessibility/reading options should be aligned on all the machine that we are planning to trigger the BOT.

Look into this thread as well.

Thank you.

I found a new problem. In UiExplorer, when I try to capture icons on the windows screen, you can’t detect them. Why is that?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Gianfranco_Drago

Going forward kindly create a new topic for new issues.

Please change the ‘UI Frameworks’ in UI explorer and try to indicate the element again.

Thank you.

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Thats work! Thanks.

Now the problem is partially resolved. I have this situation:


I need to extract the data from that field. The field element works on my other computer. But not on the new computer.

I am still stuck with this and it is essential to solve it .


Please do this.

Kindly mark the relevant post as solution for the ‘[Problem to read UI Element with Acrobat PDF]’ issue so that it will be useful for others as well.

Thank you.

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