Selector Issue on Adobe Acrobat Pro

Hello all together,

I´m currently challenging following issue with the selector of PDF Forms and would appreciate, if you could help mep.

  1. Selecting PDF Fields in Adobe Acrobat DC has been working perfectly fine.
  2. I`m still able to run the bot and it´s also typing the belonged information into the right field.
  3. Issue => by trying to select new field for inserting data, I`m only able to select the whole page.
  4. After checking all options in adobe acrobat dc, its still not working. (see Screenshot below)

I’m currently working with 21.12.0 UiAutomation Package.

Thank you for any advices :slight_smile:


Have a view on this


Thank you for your reccomondation. Where can I change the settings? I´m currently having issues following the instructions.