Not able to read individual element in PDF file ?Using Adobe acrobat DC Ver.21.011.20039.0

Hi Team,
Kindly help on the Query

HI @Balam_Rajesh

What are you trying to achieve ? because doing ui automation on PDF is not advisable .


Hi Anil,
Thanks for the early reply
I was very much new to the RPA ,While trying to practice with the help of academic tutorials ,as a part of that i was not able to select the required elements using the selectors instead it is selecting the whole document. Any Suggestions regarding this can help me to go forward on this PDF topic

Hi @Balam_Rajesh

Go to ui Explorer and change the spy mode to active accessibility that might solve your issue

and there are few settings please follow the below link

Happy to help if this does not resolve else please close the loop with solution so that it helps others as well