UiPath Selectors do not work with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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I currently work on a pdf where the Selectors do not recognise the structure.
I cant select whole rows for find element there are always numbers missing.

While researching on the problem i saw that many developers have the same problem.
But changing the Adobe Settings did not work for me.
What is the solution of this problem?`

I want to create a workflow where a folder full of pdfs is looked up for a certain word/value.

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Please check https://www.uipath.com/developers/video-tutorials/pdf-data-extraction-and-automation .

Buddy you can use read pdf OCR text buddy @Akay

I did watch that video several times

And nothing worked? Now even reading the whole pdf?

That would work but since its a large file i dont think it is the most effective way to do that.
I was hoping that the selectors help.

You can use read pdf with ocr and after getting apply regular expressions. or write a custom activity convert pdf to xml and apply xpaths

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As per our documentation, the Adobe DC is not fully supported. It is advised to use an older version to get it to work properly for now. It will be improved in the future, of course :slight_smile:


Which is the reader that you currently use?
Besides it would be good to know if UiPath chooses the correct reader on its own or if I have to change any setttings.

Thank you for your answer!

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Current workaround is to use Adobe Reader DC 18 or lower. Adding support for newer version is indeed on the roadmap though, so more improvements in this regard are coming.

This appears to now be working with the newest Acrobat release:
Tested with the 19.4 UiAutomation pack and AcrobatReader DC 19.012.20040 (latest official build) on several untagged document.
Appears the issue was fixed and the behavior is the same one as it was prior to the breaking change.

  • Accessibility assistant starts only once and preferences are saved
  • Selectors are generated paragraph by paragraph/element by element

hello my friend ,

kindly is there any updates regarding this issue , it’s been more than 5 months , i think Uipath should solve this issue ? and if not what is the solution instead of downgrade the version of adobe ?


Hi @alialroomi

Please see the comment above your post :slight_smile:

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lol thanks i didn’t notice it :smile: